Bristol Zones

I had the fortune and pleasure of completing a foundation photography diploma at Filton College, Bristol in 2005. The course was the only Foundation Photography Course in the country at the time and it gave me a fantastic introduction to all aspects of analogue photography.

I was (and still am) an avid fan of alternative photographic techniques having enjoyed working with pinholes and photograms throughout the course. I decided to create photographs using zone plates, a process like pinhole photography but with a more soft-focus feel.

The image captured places that could be attributed to prominent figures in Bristol’s past namely Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Clifton Bridge), Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Arnos Vale Cemetery), Edmund Burke (Bristol Council Building), John Wesley (Ashton Court Estate) and Giovanni Caboto (The Bristol Channel from Porthcawl).

Handmade Zone Plate Camera, 2004
Zone Plate Camera, 2005