European Ferries
2016 - 2018

European Ferries is a body of sixteen images I made in response to the 2016 referendum. I live about ten miles from the South Coast and, on hearing the resulting vote I felt an urge to go down to the beach. Newhaven in East Sussex has long operated a connecting ferry to Dieppe, France which happened to be arriving as I stood on the surrounding clay and chalk cliffs (See From Dieppe).

Transmarche’s yellow boat punctuated the predominantly blue palette. The scene filled me with romance initially. My thoughts then turned to the paradoxical notions that a visit to the coast can evoke. There is a potential to reach out, to engage with those that live beyond the horizon. Conversely there is a threat, an ingrained concern of invasion.

This chance observation led me to seek out and photograph European ferries arriving at Britain’s coastline. Physically the images depict historical links connecting the UK to its current continent, a situation that may or may not change. Metaphorically the photographs consider horizons and Britain’s divisive cultural attitude towards them.