Longshore Drift

Artwaves Festival at Bridlington Spa, East Riding of Yorkshire brings together a diverse range of Traditional, Digital, Contemporary and Urban art through a vibrant programme of activities, workshops, exhibitions. I was commissioned by the festival to produce a short film exploring Kilnsea and Spurn Point at the mouth of the Humber.

On my first visit to Spurn Point in July 2017 I was immediately struck by the area’s beauty, history, topography and strange geography. I instantly wanted to embrace and share the experience somehow so creating a film that was less documentary and more emotive exploration seemed like the most opportune way. The project evolved throughout subsequent visits and I began to fixate on the crumbling military fortifications and rapidly eroding coastline.

Longshore Drift is a cyclical, looping film that follows a lone figure throughout the course of a day. The remnants of a war that ended 100 years ago form the backdrop to this contemplative piece that hints at current global affairs and seeks to question the notion of remembrance.

The background music is from six studies in English Folk Song: II Andante sostenuto (Spurn Point), composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams, performed by Ian Brown & Paul Watkins.